Top Backpacks I Would Buy

Nowadays, there are a wide range of options available for travelling bags which are created keeping in mind the comfort of the people. Although, nowadays wheeled luggage have become quite popular, but still you will come across many travelers who still prefer to carry their own baggage and thus carry backpacks.

You will find various types of backpacks in the market that offer additional features such as extra pockets, locks, shoulder padding etc. But it can be quite confusing to decide which one is perfect for you.

So, check out these great backpacks here mentioned below:

  • Oakley’s Kitchen Sink Accessory backpack is appropriate for anyone who does not prefer to pack light. This comes with many additional features such as many pockets, pouches for storing separate items and hooks for attaching water bottles and keys. It not only looks very visually appealing but also very functional if you are planning for a short getaway.
  • High Sierra AT3 is a backpack that has wheels attached to it which gives you the pleasure of both wheeling the luggage as well as carrying it on your back. It also comes with padded shoulder straps so the carrying it becomes comfortable. This is a bit heavy bag that comes with some heavy-duty zippers.
  • Sum tree lightweight foldable packable backpack is perfect for people who like to carry a lighter bag. Its weight is not more than a pound. It comes with an internal pouch in which you can keep your headphones, cell phone or any such smaller items. Also, side pouches are given so that water bottles can be kept. What makes it very attractive is that you can fold it into a very tiny pouch. For all your weekend getaways, this is an ideal bag.
  • If you like backpacks with multiple pockets and a vintage look then S-Zone is the one for you.