I used to travel miles to get my synthetic urine

If you are a novice, this may tickle you!

Or even faze you that why would there be pee for sale? And who the hell would buy pee from stores across the country and for heaven’s sake, even online!!

So, you need initiation:

The rules and regulations in the country mandate that every employer is entitled to take a drug test of his employee. Now if the employee is on any prohibitive substance, it will obviously be traceable in his urine and he knows. So, to avoid any legal implication, these employees source pee from sources like the underbelly or online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Under suggestive brand names!

Actually speaking, it is the synthetic pee that is made in laboratories so that the people can pass it off as their own pee and clear the drug test. It comes under all kinds of suggestive names and is easily available either in physical stores and online if you need to check them out.

Are they effective?

Even though synthetic pee is so easy to get, it is a debatable thing to finally be able to say if they work at all. Some of the products that are used by the people are reviewed on online sites and while some of them sing paeans to its efficiency, most others curse any brand name because it let them down in the test.

You must be wary of getting caught though:

When the samples are being collected in labs across the country, the lab technician will make sure that you take the sample container only inside the bathroom for collection of the urine and your pockets will be checked and even made to be empty with a singular bid that you do not smuggle the synthetic pee inside the bathroom and replace it with your pee instead.