Easy ways to make butt plugs more user-friendly for travel

Vacation sex could be the best ever sex if planned wisely.  Stress is the biggest enemy of your sex life. When you are immersed in your work, dirty dishes and kids, sex will be the last thing on your mind. All couples need to get away from all this once in a while and experience the unexplored sexual fantasies. The butt plugs are the answer to your vacation sexual fantasies.  There are many exciting kinds like jeweled butt plugs, crystal butt plugs, etc.  These jeweled butt plugs are available at this website loveplug.

However, before you travel you need to go through different ways to avoid the security check.  If you are caught with these sex toys, it will unnecessarily waste your time explaining to them what it is and not to mention the embarrassment you have to face.

Tips to follow

Pack it appropriately- Try to keep the butt plug in a neatly packed container. It is best if it is small in size which can be kept hidden between clothes. Make sure that they are not made of metal which will create a stir in the security check. Also, take off all the batteries from the toys and drain out the power of those which are to be charged.

Carry smaller bottles of cleansers- All the lubricants and cleanser should be in small bottles. It is best if you carry the cleanser to clean the butt plugs and all the other sex toys. Only make sure that the liquid limit of the airport is maintained. Cleansers are quite helpful when you travel with sex toys. The cleanser will ensure hygiene when you are traveling and will help you a safe holiday without catching any infection. Catching an infection would be the last thing you need.