How I Improved My Travel experience

The quest to know the unknown is only possible by human beings, who have passion to travel in to the unknown rawness and bountiful flora and fauna of nature, the more one travels the more experience they have about how wonderful is this life, beautiful people, countries, cultures and  one gets humbled by the very creation of the supreme.

Travelling solo gives an enriching experience, as there are no boundaries set, one is limitless, independent and of course at times nerve-wracking. Few points come to mind when traveling solo is confidence:

  • If you are a shy person and introvert to break the silence and get stereotyped, is best to go at least for one solo trip. Meet and greet new people and improve the confidence level which is unbelievable.
  • Few Travel Hacks, before setting to travel is always helpful as you don’t want to tug the luggage up and down, breaking an arm or leg. As it is suggested only three pairs of socks, essential clothing, and a medicine kit is important to travel light and safe.
  • Develop an interest while visiting places as just going to new places and not bringing back memories is like an empty cart, small things which give fond memories and remember the history of the place is quite interesting if you are penning down once a while.
  • Try new cuisines while traveling solo or with friends, as it is one life to live and have a gourmet experience, it is not the food but also the culture which is brought along with the warmth of the new taste or recipe which can be shared later with friends.
  • The younger you start to travel the better it is to evolve and come out of the comfort zone, and be adaptable in any surrounding, many phobias disappear when you travel as you have to constantly fight it out inside your brain as there is no help coming if you travel solo.