Points To Note When Visiting Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country and it is fast developing as a global tourist hotspot. Who can resist a combination of wonderful beaches, an eventful history that comes at a very cheap rate? If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then keep the below points in mind

  • Vietnam visa for American citizens is possible on arrival by air. However, it is not so straightforward as still, a letter of approval has to be obtained before arrival. This can be done by many agencies.
  • Dong is the currency in Vietnam, it is easy to exchange US dollars to Dong but vice-versa is tough. One has to show ticket and identity proofs in order to exchange a Dong into any other currency. It is better to exchange a Dong at any of the international airports where it is straightforward.
  • Tipping is not expected in Vietnam, it is better to carry multiple denominations rather than being shortchanged.
  • Overcharging is a common problem and bargaining is needed to get a nominal price. This applies to everything from booking a hotel room to buying from the local market. Some restaurants have two menus one for locals and another for foreigners which have prices double or even more.
  • It is better to bargain in Dong than in USD, due to fluctuations in Dong value you may end up paying more. However, in some cases paying in USD may be better. Do proper calculation before deciding on the currency.
  • There can be pickpockets and bag snatchers, use caution and be on the watch.
  • Some taxis may have rigged meters; it is better to hire taxis from reputed companies.
  • Always keep a mosquito repellent handy and take enough precautions and vaccines before traveling to Vietnam.

In general, use common sense and be cautious that is enough to enjoy the country and to have a nice vacation.