I used to travel miles to get my synthetic urine

If you are a novice, this may tickle you!

Or even faze you that why would there be pee for sale? And who the hell would buy pee from stores across the country and for heaven’s sake, even online!!

So, you need initiation:

The rules and regulations in the country mandate that every employer is entitled to take a drug test of his employee. Now if the employee is on any prohibitive substance, it will obviously be traceable in his urine and he knows. So, to avoid any legal implication, these employees source pee from sources like the underbelly or online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Under suggestive brand names!

Actually speaking, it is the synthetic pee that is made in laboratories so that the people can pass it off as their own pee and clear the drug test. It comes under all kinds of suggestive names and is easily available either in physical stores and online if you need to check them out.

Are they effective?

Even though synthetic pee is so easy to get, it is a debatable thing to finally be able to say if they work at all. Some of the products that are used by the people are reviewed on online sites and while some of them sing paeans to its efficiency, most others curse any brand name because it let them down in the test.

You must be wary of getting caught though:

When the samples are being collected in labs across the country, the lab technician will make sure that you take the sample container only inside the bathroom for collection of the urine and your pockets will be checked and even made to be empty with a singular bid that you do not smuggle the synthetic pee inside the bathroom and replace it with your pee instead.

Find The Closest Seafood Restaurants Near You

We freak out at seafood:

As a family, we know that our day is made when we get to eat our favorite seafood delicacies. I mean we are of the conviction that there is no food quite like seafood and if there is a healthier option then it is this!

But the problem is that we don’t ever get to do this often:

There are times when we don’t look at the hygiene or even the ambiance; all we need is the food. Or is it because we run out of choices too soon? It was casually browsing when I chance upon an application with a lot of good reviews. It promised to be a boon to travelers who are at the mercy of food stalls and open eateries because of the lack of knowledge of what lays ahead.

Knowledge is indeed empowering!

So, what if you know what kind of restaurant or food eatery is around the bend or after a couple of miles which place you will be when it is time for your meal. This particular application which is web-based which also means that it does not have to be downloaded into your device and that it can be logged in from any device using a password, helps me locate the best seafood restaurants near me for the whole family!

The GUI is simple:

The user interface of the application is something so simple that even a kid can use it. There is no rigmarole and no complication whatsoever. It works on GPS and gives you hints on the best sea food places based on the signals that your smart phone gives to it via the satellite. Don’t just wait! Go, sign up!! You probably won’t know what you are missing unless you have it!!!

Top Backpacks I Would Buy

Nowadays, there are a wide range of options available for travelling bags which are created keeping in mind the comfort of the people. Although, nowadays wheeled luggage have become quite popular, but still you will come across many travelers who still prefer to carry their own baggage and thus carry backpacks.

You will find various types of backpacks in the market that offer additional features such as extra pockets, locks, shoulder padding etc. But it can be quite confusing to decide which one is perfect for you.

So, check out these great backpacks here mentioned below:

  • Oakley’s Kitchen Sink Accessory backpack is appropriate for anyone who does not prefer to pack light. This comes with many additional features such as many pockets, pouches for storing separate items and hooks for attaching water bottles and keys. It not only looks very visually appealing but also very functional if you are planning for a short getaway.
  • High Sierra AT3 is a backpack that has wheels attached to it which gives you the pleasure of both wheeling the luggage as well as carrying it on your back. It also comes with padded shoulder straps so the carrying it becomes comfortable. This is a bit heavy bag that comes with some heavy-duty zippers.
  • Sum tree lightweight foldable packable backpack is perfect for people who like to carry a lighter bag. Its weight is not more than a pound. It comes with an internal pouch in which you can keep your headphones, cell phone or any such smaller items. Also, side pouches are given so that water bottles can be kept. What makes it very attractive is that you can fold it into a very tiny pouch. For all your weekend getaways, this is an ideal bag.
  • If you like backpacks with multiple pockets and a vintage look then S-Zone is the one for you.

Ideal Ways to Travel on the Road

Reaching your destination by trains, buses or planes sounds fine but to add that extra bit of adventure to your holiday, road journeys are highly recommended. Go here to hire a campervan in Scotland. Road trips can take you to places where you had never expected to reach. It gives you time and let you explore places that are completely untouched. Road journeys may sound exciting but it comes with its share of challenges.

Road journeys are stressful and it is important that one plan well in advance and prepares well to not meet some unexpected surprises.

Whether you are doing a road trip with friends or with your family make sure that you ask each of the travelers about their expectations. Ask your co-passengers whether they want to keep stopping on the way or want to reach their destination soon. Also plan how you want to divide the journey. So, will you be stretching hours and driving into the night or will you take halts say after an eight hour drive. It will also be highly beneficial if you can plan where to stop for snacks or for food along the way.

It is good if you have an idea of what all of them expect from the road journey so that it is enjoyable for all. It is recommended that you talk about this before you start the journey and not just assume that all are on the same page as you.

Having hard copies of directions, maps and brochures is a necessity. Yes, we are digital now and we have our GPS and smartphones handy. But you cannot be sure of the network and the signal all along the journey. It is not advisable to rely on your smart phone and technology completely and it is good to have hard copies of the routes as a backup in case of any emergency.


Points To Note When Visiting Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country and it is fast developing as a global tourist hotspot. Who can resist a combination of wonderful beaches, an eventful history that comes at a very cheap rate? If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then keep the below points in mind

  • Vietnam visa for American citizens is possible on arrival by air. However, it is not so straightforward as still, a letter of approval has to be obtained before arrival. This can be done by many agencies.
  • Dong is the currency in Vietnam, it is easy to exchange US dollars to Dong but vice-versa is tough. One has to show ticket and identity proofs in order to exchange a Dong into any other currency. It is better to exchange a Dong at any of the international airports where it is straightforward.
  • Tipping is not expected in Vietnam, it is better to carry multiple denominations rather than being shortchanged.
  • Overcharging is a common problem and bargaining is needed to get a nominal price. This applies to everything from booking a hotel room to buying from the local market. Some restaurants have two menus one for locals and another for foreigners which have prices double or even more.
  • It is better to bargain in Dong than in USD, due to fluctuations in Dong value you may end up paying more. However, in some cases paying in USD may be better. Do proper calculation before deciding on the currency.
  • There can be pickpockets and bag snatchers, use caution and be on the watch.
  • Some taxis may have rigged meters; it is better to hire taxis from reputed companies.
  • Always keep a mosquito repellent handy and take enough precautions and vaccines before traveling to Vietnam.

In general, use common sense and be cautious that is enough to enjoy the country and to have a nice vacation.

Places to stay for more than just a holiday

I know that some people are looking to relocate abroad and want a holiday first to tests if it’s the place for them to settle. From here you’ll have a more informed idea if this new country is the place to relocate to. Experiencing something first hand is very valuable, so you’ll known if this would be a place that you can see yourselves settling down with your family.

There are so many locations around the world that are amazing and offer stunning value for the price. Some people prefer long-term rentals and this for example has a lot of long term rental opportunities here, which is great for those who are wanting not to rush into purchasing anything prematurely.

Spain is very common for UK citizens to relocate to and enjoy retiring there for their senior years. Other countries people, like the USA, have their holiday homes ranging from Canada, Cuba and Asia, which offer excellent locations to travel to. Cuba is a lovely holiday destination and offers lots to those visiting, which is why some stay longer than just a short holiday. There are emerging business opportunities between the USA and Cuba, which is why some are staying for longer.

Other countries have loads to offer and for those wishing to travel and work Australia is another popular destination. There are working visas that allows for people to work for over a year, whilst travelling and enjoying. There is also long term stay options with working and having a live-in option as well. Places like Brisbane and Sunny beach are very popular and some like staying for more than just a holiday with golden beaches on offer all year round.

Dubai is a new place for the rich and famous and offers luxury for those wishing to stay for a holiday. Recently there are opportunities for living in luxury villas besides the rich and famous. The way it works is usually you must offer some inhouse skills that aren’t common locally, like personal trainer, which is desirable for the rich Arabs who want Western people.


The Most Amazing Forests In The World

We see the forest cover of the earth dwindling at an alarming pace. It is high time we start conserving the forests. Here are the most beautiful forests in the world. Just looking at them can change people’s mind and encourage more number of people to start striving for forest conservation.

  1. Black forest:

This forest in Germany, is something straight out of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. The forest doesn’t survive alone. There are scenic houses that have been constructed to blend with nature without disturbing the beauty of the place. This region continues to produce the world famous cuckoo clocks.

  1. Hallerbos:

The presence of Bluebells during the season gives this forest the Belgium the name Blue Forest. When the forest is in full bloom, it is sight that is beyond description. This forest also houses some of the rare species of birds. If you wish to purchase the best tree stand blind you would be able to easily find it online.

  1. Stone Forest:

Located in China, this is one of the largest forests. Covering an area of more than 96000 acres, this one consists of unique looking rocks. There is a large stone forest and a small stone forest. The 270 million years old forest is made of tall standing stones that make this forest unique.

  1. Waipoua forest:

This is situated in New Zealand on the west coast. It is one of the most beautiful kauri forest. The age old forest consists of a lot of dense tress that talk about the long history of this forest. There is also the largest Kauri tree found in this forest.

Sherwood forest, Monteverde Cloud forest reserve, Arashiyama Bamboo forest in Japan are all others which are worth special mention. There are many more such amazing forests in your country too. Save forests and save the world.

The Unfading Fad For Coffee

The fad for coffee never fades. It is a part of the culture in many countries and is a specialty of many important spots. But generally, people have preconceived ideas and assumptions about coffee and feel that only a few sites can offer them the best with the best taste and flavor. But people please, the next time you travel try avoiding the regular café coffee day and Starbucks and make a bold entry into a different flavor of the coffee world. There is actually a lot you have missed to explore and have been sticking to the regular, good, old taste of coffee for so long now. So now buck up, gear up, build the interest and try developing the urge for different coffee styles and tastes for actually there are many different varieties in this.

You need not have to travel for these different tangs but can definitely make use of all your travel plans without missing out on the spot`s special flavor. Generally, all the coffee factories start the process of preparing the different varieties and savor by sourcing coffee beans in bulk from different countries. The different tastes in this refreshing drink are because of the different types of the coffee beans from different places. There are few countries like the UK wherein you can find almost all of these flavors. Apart from this, each country has a different style, variety and a palate to offer. Given below are few very aromatic and hypnotizing flavors from around the world. Do not miss to chart a separate time schedule for them when you have some of the below-listed countries in your tour planner.

  • Australia for Flat White coffee
  • Italy for Espresso Romano
  • The most favorite and well known, Indian Filter coffee
  • Germany for Pharisaer

And the fun part is to have them in the right beaker.